SCArt Academy's Mission

SCArt Academy's mission is to provide students with intellectually-informed, hands-on instruction in the arts. We integrate a studio-based education into a broad pedagogical framework, taught by working artists. SCArt Academy is founded on the belief that learning and practicing art informs our creative freedom, critical insight, and formal and technical innovation. Our goal is to design both programs and curricula that focus on the arts and that integrate the arts with other disciplines, and to develop a means of training other artists to teach in this manner.

Private and semiprivate instruction is available upon request.  Parents are required to remain in the classroom, but will be provided all supplies so that they may also participate in the lesson. We charge $35/hour. Please call or email to make arrangements.

Semi-Private Instruction


Over the past couple of years, SCArt Academy has been developing a series of lesson plans and projects that focus on particular skills and techniques for painting. We are publishing some of these lessons on line, to give parents an idea of what their children will be doing in the beginning painting classes. We hope to expand on these curricular guidelines as time goes by.

This year we are focusing our after school classes on painting. Our classes meet on Tuesday and Friday from 4 - 5:30. The Spring 2019 session begins Tuesday, April 9th and runs through Friday, May 17th. The cost is $150 for each 6 week session.

We are only offering four summer camps this summer, but they will be great ones. See the complete list by clicking "more."

Summer Camps

After School Classes

Our adult class is similar to the classes that we offer children. The classes are fairly informal, and are limited to 12 students each. Because the groups are small, we offer very personalized attention. This allows us to combine beginning and intermediate students in the same class.

Adult Classes

At SCArt Academy, we take an integrated approach to teaching art. While we focus on  practical application, we consider meaning and intention as we go. Our beginning oil painters learn how to mix colors, transfer images, compose simple paintings, and paint! As students advance, they learn perspective, color theory, composition and many different techniques. Everyone can do it, we will show you how!