Adult Classes

Our adult classes are similar to the classes that we offer children, although they tend to move a bit more quickly. The classes are fairly informal, and are limited to six students each. Because the groups are so small, we offer very personalized attention. This allows us to combine beginning and intermediate students in the same grouping, so all ages and skill levels are welcome to enroll in each class.

We are offering two adult classes: one on Monday nights from 7 pm to 9 pm. The second is on Thursday morning from 10 am to noon. We bill our sessions in six week groupings, at $150 per 6-week session. Not all sessions will encompass the same activities, and some students may not finish all the activities in the allotted time. As students advance their skills, their training will become more and more individualized. Many of our activities are seasonally inspired, such as painting pumpkins or an apple still life in the fall. Each student  will work at his or her developmental level. In the event that a student misses a session, students will be allowed to make it up at a mutually convenient time, either with another class or in a semi-private setting.

A brief sample some of the things that students will learn are: color theory and color mixing, how to prep a canvas and how to transfer and image to the canvas, composition, perspective drawing, how to block out a painting, how to create 3-D images using color and light, the importance of shadowing. We will use many different painting technique, like glazing, dry brushing, knife painting, roller painting, We will do grisaille and alla prima paintings, drawings, sketches, modeling activities, as well as multimedia projects, and we will master atmospheric perspective, reflection, translucency, luster, and other techniques that create beautiful artwork. The subject matter will vary seasonally and based on the student’s interest.