SCArt Academy classes are fairly informal, and are limited to twelve students each. Because the groups are small, we offer very personalized attention. This allows us to combine beginning and intermediate students in the same grouping, so all ages and skill levels are welcome to enroll in each class.

Our Fall classes focus on painting. Not all sessions encompass the same activities, and some students may not finish all the activities in the allotted time. Many of our activities are seasonally inspired, such as painting pumpkins or an apple still life in the fall. Each student works at his or her developmental level. Missed sessions can be made it up at a mutually convenient time, either with another class or in a semi-private setting.

Tuesday afternoon classes focus on painting different bodies, such as human bodies, animal bodies, etc, especially while those bodies are in motion.

Tuesday: Bodies in Motion Painting Class

After School Classes

Friday afternoon classes focus on painting different landscapes in the styles of different master painters.

Friday: Landscape Painting