June 24th -28th: Home Arts
In this camp, we will explore different uses for art, pretty much anything but painting on traditional canvas. We will experiment with creating jewelry, making soap, painting tiles, creating our own stamps and totes or school bags. We will create fantastic folded book art and incredible hand-painted tiles!

July 22-26th: People
​​In this camp we explore "doing" people. We will draw, use stencils, paint, and sculpt all different kinds of people (not always humans!) We will study the faces of children and superheroes, learn about proportions and mixing skins colors, and create our own special beings!

2019 Summer Camp

July 15th-20th: Baby Animals
This is an ideal class for anyone who has taken one of our beginning painting classes. We will be painting the cutest baby animals in a variety of styles, both realistic and abstract. It will be a cuteness overload!

Welcome to SCArt Academy summer camps, 2019. Each camp meets from 9 am to noon, Monday through Friday. Each week of camp costs $200. 

June 17th-21st: Room with a View
This camp is devoted to the creation of landscapes and cityscapes, beach scapes and flower scapes. We will be oil painting, paper crafting, painting on windows, and learning from Masters such as Monet.