SCArt Academy is about spreading the joy of creating beautiful art, and giving students the technical ability to share their messages. A brief sample some of the things that students will learn includes color theory and color mixing, how to prep a canvas and how to transfer and image to the canvas, composition, perspective drawing, how to block out a painting, how to create 3-D images using color and light, the importance of shadowing. We will use many different painting technique, like glazing, dry brushing, knife painting, roller painting, We will do alla prima paintings, drawings, sketches, modeling activities, as well as multimedia projects, and we will play with atmospheric perspective, reflection, translucency, luster, and other techniques that create beautiful artwork. The subject matter will vary seasonally and is based on the student’s interest.


Robin Stearns, Executive Director

Robin started SCArt Academy to address a need in the community, and to allow her to teach art using experimental techniques. Exploration is essential to the experience, but understanding the technical and historical background is important too.


Robin graduated from M.I.T. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Writing and a concentration in Cognitive Development. She founded the Little City Kids educational group in 1998 and has been educating children for over 16 years.

She is currently the Chair of the Gallery House, where she has been represented for the last four years. 

I am constantly amazed at the ability of children to create fabulous paintings and artworks! As a general rule, kids have the creativity and the intellectual freedom to make great art... and with a little training, they can communicate their ideas fluently and effectively.

Samantha Jonson 



Shannon Stearns, Founding Member

Shannon is completing her Master's at Temple University, studying the paintings of the Italian Renaissance. Her two undergraduate degrees are in the History of Art and Visual Culture and in Anthropology, revealing her interest in the intersection of culture and beauty. Shannon's contribution to the classroom is an application of knowledge of art history and experience both in the classroom as teacher's aide and one-on-one as a nanny.