Frequently asked questions

What supplies do I need to supply for my Zoom classes?

We try to provide the most essential supplies, such as paint, brushes, and canvases for our painting classes. You will need your cleaning supplies, such as paper towel, soap, sketch paper, and a ruler.

What if I get paint on my clothes?

The trick is to wash the paint out before it has a chance to dry. Fels Naptha soap works best, and is available at both Lunardi's and Bianchini's. Oil paint takes days to dry (especially in winter), so you often have time to pre-treat your garment and wash it in the washing machine. Acrylic paint dries very quickly and is quite permanent, so you must wash it out immediately, or your garment will be stained. At the school, we provide aprons to help protect your clothing. We strongly suggest that you invest in one for our Zoom classes as well.